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Driveway Resurfacing & Driveway Replacement

Resurfacing is the most common and more cost effective option for some of our Bergen County, NJ customers. Jersey State Paving will address the failed areas, such as, sinkholes, tree roots, and major cracked surface areas. Perimeters of garage and walkways will be cut back accordingly, to allow for a smooth transition and proper water drainage. Once those areas are cared for, our team can overlay with a new layer of rich asphalt to the entire driveway. We can also add to an existing driveway for extra added parking or aprons at the bottom of a driveway. If after careful inspection it is determined that the most effective, practical and cost effective way to go is to completely remove and replace the driveway or parking lot, then we will give you the best price for the best quality and best service of anyone around!

Driveway Maintenance for your Bergen County Home or Business

Our company builds new driveway foundations from the ground up. Initially, we will layout the driveway according to the dimensions that the customer specifies. Jersey State Paving will cut out the driveway, utilizing appropriate grade and slope. If your driveway is in need of major reconstruction, we can remove and replace the failed layers of asphalt entirely and replace with new solid asphalt, to complete the job.

Seal Coating for your Bergen County Home or Business

Want a way to protect and replace essentials in the asphalt that may be lost over time by damage from the elements? Seal coating also will help restore that black, rich look that homeowners love. Jersey State Paving will clean the entire driveway of dirt and debris and then apply an oil base sealer that is sprayed on.

Culvert & Drain Systems for your Bergen County Home or Business

Jersey State Paving constructs drain box systems in front of garage areas, etc. to help disperse water away from where water tends to collect. A culvert pipe install is for driveways that have a ditch running through them. It will be installed at the base to ensure that water flows underneth the driveway accordingly.

Masonry for your Bergen County Home or Business

Jersey State Paving constructs driveways, sidewalks, landings, patios, retaining walls, and Belgium block edging for asphalt driveways. Constructions of new brick paver install will have a proper foundation and a based pattern according to the design specified by the customer.  





Jersey State Paving & Sealcoating

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